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LDA Anticaption 1

The internationally acclaimed design studio, Formafantasma took inspiration from Lexus design philosophy, craftsmanship and advanced technologies to produce an immersive exhibit at Milan Design Week 2016 (Salone del Mobile). Entitled ‘Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation’, it forms the centrepiece of our presentation at the world’s largest design exhibition at the Spazio Lexus – Torneria from April 12 to 17, with a media preview on April 11.

The multi-layered experience captures the spirit of seamless anticipation that’s at the heart of our approach to design. This is combined with the influence of Omotenashi - the tradition of Japanese hospitality that informs how we create outstanding cars to accommodate the driver’s every need. The installation also interprets the essence of our ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell technology, as showcased in its amazing LF-FC limousine concept.

The first room in the three-part installation features new furniture pieces created by Formafantasma using the same painstaking painting and hand-finishing processes we used to achieve the flawless finish of the LF-FC concept car.

LDA Anticaption 2

Moving into a second room, visitors are then introduced to an unexpected re-shaping of the LF-FC’s stunning exterior design. This is conceived as a tribute to the Lexus design team’s constant search for perfection and anticipation of future mobility.

The final room in the sequence contains a new kinetic sculpture, based on the hydrogen atom and powered by an application of the remarkable fuel cell technology used in the LF-FC.

The experience also includes new culinary designs from Michelin-starred chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, inspired by the natural relationship between hydrogen and water in the advanced Lexus fuel cell system.

The Amsterdam-based Italian designers at Formafantasma explained: “What we wanted to do was to bring together the forward-looking spirit of anticipation that is central to what design is about and reflect a desire shared with Lexus to create products that are both aesthetically beautiful and sustainable.”

LDA Anticaption 3

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